Donald Baechler —  

Donald Baechler

 Born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1956,Donald Baechler studied  at  the Maryland  Institute,  College  of  Art,  Baltimore; Cooper Union, New York and Staatliche  Hochschule  für  bildende  Künste,  “Staedelschule”  Frankfurt  am  Main,  Germany.He  came  of  age  as  a  painter  in  the  early 1980s  when  he  began  exhibiting  internationally.  Critics  have  stated  that  Donald  Baechler’s  work  “places  him  in  the  painterly  tribe  of Twombly,  Ryman,  Rauschenberg  and  Schwitters.” Baechler  works  from  his  great  inventory  of  worldly images.  Recorded   on   slides   and   collected   in   the   archives   of   his   enormous  Lower  Manhattan  studio,  they  are  the  sources  for  many  of  the compelling images  in  his paintings  and  graphic  work.

The  cast  of  characters,  which  also  includes  himself,   come   from   every   source    imaginable,   and   are stamped, silkscreened,  projected, drawn,  painted,  printed  or  collaged onto  surfaces.  Then  the   process   begins: underpainting,  overpainting,  canceling, adding, subtracting,  editing  until  the  final  work  emerges.  Baechler  has  also  worked  extensivelyin  the  graphic  medium.  Donald Baechler  has  a  large  international  following  and  his  work  can  be  seen  in museums  throughout  the  world.    Donald  lives  and  works  in NewYork.